Lampwork Glass Beads

In June 2012 I went on a lampwork course with the lovely Louise of Tootsies Handmade.  I had such a great day and enjoyed melting glass so much that I knew I wanted to start making beads myself.  In July I had bought my kit and started experimenting with the glass.  In August 2012 I finally had enough for a kiln, which meant that I was able to start selling my beads and use them in my Jewellery designs.

Each Lampwork glass bead is made by melting down a glass rod (below) and molding it in the flame using tools etc to create shape and adding shards of glass and other things to create the patterns.  They are then placed in a Kiln to bathe in heat and slowly cool down.  I usually do this overnight.  This takes the stresses out of the glass and means they are a lot less likely to crack and can be used safely in my Jewellery designs.  In the morning I take the beads from the kiln, check them and clean them and turn them into Jewellery!

To buy my lampwork beads please visit my Etsy Shop or to buy my lampwork bead jewellery please visit the Shop section of my website.


Glass Rods

Some of the Glass rods.

Glass beads


A selection of the beads that came out of the Kiln.

DeskThis is my Work Space.


Some Frit and Glass Rods.