Jewellery Parties

Adult Jewellery Parties (Pamper Parties)

Our Jewellery parties are informal, fun and a great way to spend time with friends, family and colleagues. 

It is a good idea (but not essential) to invite a few other sellers on your chosen evening to give your guests a wide range of products to browse through.  This often works well with companies that offer a demonstration such as Forever Aloe Living or Partylite.  (We can always arrange this for you or give you some contact details for businesses that we have dealt with before).

On the evening we will arrive about 1 hour before your guests to set up and display the jewellery.  We will usually be there for one to two hours depending on how many guests you have and how long you would like us to stay for.  We will require either a dining table or space to set up our own 6ft table in order for us to display the jewellery.

There is NO hard selling involved and NO obligation to buy.  We just let your guests browse the items and ask any questions they may have.

We can also take any orders for bespoke designs that you or your guests might have.

As the Host you will receive 10% of the total nights sales to spend on Jewellery with us.

All jewellery purchased will come in lovely organza gift bags.

We will bring all Jewellery that is available on our Website, plus any new items that are not yet advertised.

We are available to attend parties in the Northamptonshire area, but we can travel further if required.

Please contact us using the form below and we will contact you to confirm the details.

On the night we can accept Card Payments & Cash.

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